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Thursday, December 1, 2016

What is God teaching you?

Hello friends! This month I wanted to feature some of the girls I am meeting with every week. They are learning so much about God, and I wanted you to see what areas He has been growing them in. These girls are my friends and I love them very much! I am so proud of them for seeking to understand the Lord and what He is doing in/around them.

Question: What is God teaching you?

Alexis (left) and Rachel, one of our student leaders (right)
"Mainly, the importance of both solitude and community. I need to go to God too and be disciplined in spending time with God and building that relationship. I am realizing that God is the one that created me, so I need to be going to Him with everything. He can see everything, so I don't need to stand before Him in shame. God needs to come before my relationships and my possessions/money, because He is the reason for having those very things and He has loved me by putting those things in my life. If I continue to have a relationship with Him, then I can have healthy and fruitful relationships with those around me."
-Alexis, junior, business major

"Since I’ve been growing up in a multicultural family, in a country were religion is not really practiced I had a rough but interesting time, starting to believe in god. My great bible study with April allowed me to ask question which I couldn’t ask in a german church. Going to core nights with the most lovely people Kelly and Rene showed me what community can be like. And slowly I started realizing that there is hope. Hope after death. Hope for the people who are suffering. Hope for the world to be a great place full of love. I’ve learned that there actually is such a thing like community were people take care of each other and that if this would exist all over the world, there wouldn’t be such a thing as poverty. That I can always be better than I am and that studying the bible with people explaining it is a great way to learn and have role models how to be better. That Religion isn’t actually just causing religious wars, that it is a way to end them, if you are open to understand what the Bible is really saying. God gives as hope and makes it so much easier to be a good person. Even tough I am not fully believing yet, I believe that understanding the bible makes us human."

-Dalia, exchange student from Germany, studying architecture

"God is teaching me that he is in control of my life. He has made me realize that I don’t know what is going to happen in the future, but I must trust in him and everything will work out the way it’s supposed to. My life is going to be full of difficulties but as long as I keep trusting that he is in control then everything will work out the way he intended it to."
-April, freshman, nursing major

"I think what God is teaching me is that with failure, meets success. Now many how many times I fail, he has always been there, and will continue to be with me through my journey. He shows me that through hard work, and his trust, I can continue my passion for learning; something that is very valuable to me."
-Christian, junior, chemistry major

Right now our Keep Focus Growing initiative has started! Hopefully by now you have seen the posts on Facebook or emails from our admin team. This annual fundraiser helps our community to keep growing! Because we are at many campuses in the DFW area, we have many different needs that arise throughout the years. This fundraiser helps us to keep responding to God's call! Visit to see a video about potentially starting a new Focus ministry at SMU.

Here is how the funds from Keep Focus Growing were used last year:
  • Sponsored Welcome Week activities to empower our students to reach incoming freshmen.
  • Bought a faster (and continuously working!) copier for the FOCUS office to print pizza theology packets, corefa manuals, Focus on Jesus & Foundations of Faith booklets, training materials, and flyers to reach the student body. 
  • Made it possible for 10 underfunded campus pastors to be on campus full-time for the 2016-2017 school year.
  • Helped us raise up 4 new talented and field-tested campus pastorsfrom our apprenticeship.
  • Allowed us to add a new director-level staff person to help prep us for expansion.
  • Are funding our applications for our own 501c3 ruling (separate from the group ruling we are under now) and for ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability) certification to ensure we are poised for future growth with the highest standards and controls in place.
  • Flew in a top-notch speaker for our Pizza Theology on Hearing God's Voice. He ministered to 450 students last week and we are already hearing stories of how students' lives are being impacted.
  • Extended great southern hospitality to 26 students from WWU who traveled down for a week of evangelism on 8 campuses.
  • Funded continued improvement on our website and our donor experience.

Please consider giving to our fundraiser to keep Focus growing on college campuses in DFW! We want to answer the call to whatever God would have us do, and with your help we can continue to spread the good news to the college students around us!

I had the privilege of photographing some of the kiddos from our church who's parents are looking forward to the college community that is provided for them through Focus when they get to college. They may be class of 2022 or 2030, but what you invest in now impacts even the lives of the students in the future.

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  1. April, this is such a great way to spread the word about what is going on in this ministry. Sharing our experiences, our feelings about what's going on...such an important way to share what is taking place in lives of all sorts...different in so many ways but all are important. Thank you for sharing the news. Love you, are a bright light for all.