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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Pictures of Joy

Hello dear friends,

I am very excited to show you photographs from all of the events we got to do this past month! They aren't just events, but community celebrations of God working around us. I love our community, campus, the students, and all of you! As we enter a season of thankfulness, I wanted to say how thankful I am that you are invested in my life, the students lives, and the things of God. It's a mystery how God works, loves, and uses his Spirit to change lives, and what a beautiful mystery it is! He chooses people like us to work through because he loves his creation. I believe the Lord is beautiful and worthy of praise for all the things in this post!

These are all of the students that attended our Fall Camp this past month! Our goals for the weekend were to create a bond between students, laugh together, experience God together through prayer and worship, and to explore how we are being made new in Christ. We had an open sharing time during our evening session and we got to hear the students share their hearts and what God is doing in them. It was so insightful and the highlight of the weekend! We had worship stations set up that varied in their praise towards God. One of the stations was a sensory worship station where there was a rock, water, light, a fan, and bread. The elements had scriptures that went along with them and the students pondered how God compares himself to these things in the Bible. We got a lot of feedback that they had never done anything like that before and stretched them to see God in those different ways: as a sustainer, provider, light in the darkness, hope, fulfilling, solid, etc.

Playing rock, paper, scissors tournament at Fall Camp!
Playing crab soccer at Fall Camp!
This month we celebrated FOCUS being on the college campus for 20 years! This event was special because it brought people from all generations together to get to know one another to see who pioneered the growth of our ministries. I got to see all the people who have really helped shape my faith in one room and sing praises to God for that! It was a celebration no doubt! I am thankful to all of you who attended and continue to invest in what God is doing!

Something new happened this month: we had our first meeting as a potential Arlington church plant! The church I attend (Northeast Church) helped start up FOCUS 20 years ago, and we are praying about starting another church plant in Arlington! This would be so amazing because it would give a home community to our students when they graduate, and provide opportunity for our students to get to be around other generations and families who are trying to glorify God in how they live. I also have some neighbors and older friends who are looking for a church home! Please be in prayer for this church plant. We are currently praying for people from our other communities to move out here and help us launch it. You may be wondering why we are planting another church in a city where there are a lot of churches. The awesome thing about Northeast Church and the way we are structured is to pour into the college campuses to raise up disciples of Jesus while we are young. Not many churches have this structure to build from the ground up. It is our conviction to do one on one ministry and be living examples of Jesus!

Lastly, I can't make a blog post without mentioning that I am engaged! My sweet sweet boyfriend, now fiance, Grant Beall, asked me to marry him. Without hesitation I said yes!!! I sure do love him and to say I feel blessed by our relationship is an understatement. Wedding planning is underway!

I have just listed many many events we have done, but I will say that these are events to build community and unity among believers. They are important and it is scriptural to meet together and build one another up. On another level, our ministry is done one on one throughout the week. I wanted all of you to know that each of our student leaders officially/unofficially meets with 3 or 4 people a week from our community. That is where depth, love, and change really occur. We point one another to Jesus and I am extremely humbled by how loving, devoted, and sincere some of our students are. I would ask that you pray for them as they are trying to become new people of God and really pursue Him in all areas of their life. This can be extremely challenging in the college setting. They need us praying for them and interceding for them. I wish I could snapshot all of my one on one conversations so you could hear how God is working. I wish you could be a fly on the wall, because I know it would bring tears to your eyes. Trust me when I say, there is no one like our God and no one who works like Him. Next month I will be featuring some of the students I meet with every week! Thank you for your prayers!

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