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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Go Team!

Wow! The students are back, FOCUS has started, and God is doing so much! Thank you all so much for your prayers this last month! God definitely heard them and I have a lot to share with you in this post about those wonderful things. Because I got my degree in photography, all my posts are organized around the pictures I took during the last month. These pictures bring me great joy when I look at them and I hope they do the same for you!

Corefa Prep Worship
Corefa Prep
Before the students came back to campus, we had a time of preparation for our student leaders. They came back to Arlington to get ready for what was about to happen on campus. We sang, we prayed, we cast a vision, and had fun. It's crucial that we did these things as a team so that we could build one another up and paint a picture for what Maverick Stampede was going to be like. It was a sweet time together! Corefa stands for "Core Facilitator" and Core refers to the smaller communities we have that meet throughout the week. This is where real friendship and pursuing God together takes place. It is the "core" of our ministry and what we do. Our students become corefa's in order to facilitate a time of scripture reading and discernment, service to one another and the community, worshipping the Lord, and sharing our lives with one another. It's a big task but they are asking for God's help and our staff will be meeting with them weekly. Please pray for them!

Our student leaders getting ready to help people move in!
Maverick Stampede
UTA provides a lot of events for students starting the second they arrive on campus. The students who live in the dorms arrived on Monday, August 22nd, and our student leaders served them by helping them move in! This kicked off TWO WEEKS full of events on campus. I have to mention that our student leaders are serious rockstars. They loved the students, served them, sweated with them, laughed with them, and didn't complain through it all. They take living like Jesus seriously and wanted to be open to God working around them. I really love them so much! God has blessed us with such a great team.

Dancing. Free food. Laughter. Questions. Free t-shirts. Dancing. Games. Laughing. Praise. Those are words I would use to describe the last two weeks. We ate free waffles, learned how to do Indian dances, played water balloon dodgeball, went on campus tours, pet therapy dogs, and in ALL of this our goal was to meet students and offer them real friendship. Because of how Jesus has changed our lives, we want that for everyone we encounter and we believe that is done through relationships.

Playing a game called "Ninja" at Waffleopolois!

Took my new friend Sumbal shopping for clothes, while getting to learn about life in Pakistan.

Volleyball on campus with new friends. 
FOCUS board game night was a hit! Many students came to play and make new friends.

Thursday Night Fellowship
We had our first large group meeting last Thursday, where we invited everyone we met the last two weeks on campus. An axiom we use is, "Don't say someone's no for them" and we didn't want to say no for any students of the students we met. Right before our first TNF meeting, we had some room reservations mix up and for 30 minutes we did not have a room to meet in. After my heart felt like it was in my throat, God of course pulled through and we got a room! We did not know who would show up but we trusted that God would bring whoever needed to be there and many many students we met over the last two weeks came! It was a blessing to see. Will you please pray for these students as the school year continues? Pray that they will get connected, and pursue God. Life tends to get in the way, classes get busy, exams happen, but we are on the college campus to pursue God in the midst of that.
Over 100 students attended our first meeting!

Sarah giving a message on Jesus being the motivation behind what we are doing on campus.

Lastly, I wanted to invite all of you to our 20 Year Celebration! Focus will be celebrating 20 years of working on college campuses and this is a major thing to celebrate! God has done so much already and on the night of October 8th we want to look back on what God has done, what God is doing, and what the future holds. Will you RSVP for this event if you are interested in joining us? All people are welcome. This is not a student specific event. It's because of people like you that Focus is able to operate and bless college students. Come celebrate with us! *We are changing the location, but if you RSVP we will send you the new location*

Date: October 8th
Time: 4:00pm-7:00pm
Location: TBD

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  1. It's wonderful to see so much activity with such a crowd of students involved. Good works all over the place...uplifting and needed.
    Love this posting and the're a great influence and loved...way to go, girl. Hugs 'n love!