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Friday, October 2, 2015

FALL-ing into Place

Wow! How do I even begin this blog post?! This month has been full of what we have been preparing for and anticipating for quite some time now, while trusting God's guidance. Since my last post we have started our big Thursday night meetings called Thursday Night Fellowship (TNF), started our small groups called Cores, and started studying the bible with students one on one. We have learned so much about our campus in such a short amount of time. I want to share with you a few great things God has been doing in our ministry around the UTA campus!

Our first ever TNF at UTA is the top right photo!! What a blessing this was to see all these students show up to learn more about Jesus. We were located outside for the first three TNF meetings, but recently moved into a classroom that is shown below.

I have seen God answer many prayers so far in this internship. It's quite baffling and humbling to be honest. I ended up reaching my fundraising goal around the end of August, which is a huge blessing and such a testament to God's faithfulness on this journey! It's funny because many students here at UTA have asked why I left teaching. I love when they ask me that question, because I get the chance to tell them how God worked in my life up to this point and while I loved my job and where I worked I wanted to be obedient to what God was calling me to do. I have noticed the students at UTA being very studious and serious about their studies, and advancing in their degree plans. Many students are from all over the world and spend so much money to be here. To them it sounds crazy that I would do something like this (haha it kind of is isn't it?), but I am so so confident in God and what I am doing here. I see it on Thursday nights when I look around the room and see students from India singing songs to God. I see it in my core group when girls pray and ask God to help them love other people like Jesus does. I see it when I meet a random student on campus who already met someone from Focus prior to meeting me when there are 38,000 students on campus, and we continue to run into each other throughout the week. I see it when I look at our student leaders driving students to the grocery store and asking them about their lives. I am overwhelmed by God's presence here at UTA.

Our Core group photo is to the right! Kassidy and I lead a group once a week at my apartment called Core. We pray together, laugh together, get to know about everyone's backgrounds and ideas, read about Jesus together, and talk about how to live like Jesus does.

Our core did a neat activity last night where we wrote down prayers to God on a notecard that related to the scripture we were studying about God's purpose for our lives. It touched my heart to hear their prayers and what they had learned, so much so that I wanted to share three of those with y'all. It's a small glimpse at what God is doing at the heart level in the new students in Focus. 

"God, you are so good. Thank you for placing people in my life that helped me see I was placing my worth in earthly things, instead of in you. I am so thankful for the way that you love your people and that you never change. Amen."

"God, please help me to remember that I need to work on putting my worth in you. Tonight I learned that I need to put my worth in you, not in other people, and that you see me as worth something even if I don't believe in myself."

 "I hope to find my worth in God, because he finds worth in me-even when I don't."
Our fall camp is coming up this weekend on Saturday and Sunday. We would love for you to pray that we bond as a community of believers this weekend! It is so important to have that at the beginning of this ministry. We want to be united in vision for the UTA campus and that can only be done by the power of the Holy Spirit at work in us. Will you pray with us for that to happen this weekend?

When you look at these photos, I hope you see how your faithfulness and sacrifice have helped this happen. God has worked through you to bring the people in these pictures into a community that is going to spur them on toward Christ. Their lives have the potential to change forever, because of what God is doing through your support! 

I love all of you and am thankful to have you in my life! God is too good to me.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this encouraging post, April! I think it really communicates something about the importance of college ministry when you tell people your background. Yes, most people think it's crazy to quit a steady job, move across town, and fundraise your entire salary. But you have done something crazy for God, and he is already showing you the incredible results of your obedience to his call. I love you April! Keep up the good work!