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Monday, August 31, 2015

A September to Remember!

Wow! There are so many things I want to write about on here that have happened this last month. God has been doing amazing things and it's hard to put into words, but I will do my best!
Our UTA leader team! These are the people that have committed the next school year to making and maturing disciples. These are students who transferred from our other campuses, interns, and staff.

In my last post I mentioned going on a staff retreat and a week after that post we went on an exclusive UTA leader retreat. This was HUGE for our ministry at UTA, since we didn't know one another super well before diving into the crazy world of campus ministry. This retreat made it very evident to me that God has called each one of us to the UTA campus and is going to use our unique gifts to bring people into a relationship with Him. One day during the retreat I spent time walking around the river and asking the Lord what was one thing I could share during our worship time that would encourage our team. The idea of a "godly community is a community that remembers" came to mind. We are to be people who remember what Christ did for everyone on the cross, we remember where He brought us from, and where He is taking this community. That is a reoccurring theme that I have seen come up during our Old Testament Foundations class (one of our internship classes). God's people continually forgot the things he for them while they were in the wilderness or surrounded by difficulty. We want to be a community that remembers who God truly is and what he has done for us!

Kaylee, Erin, Kassidy, and I on move-in day!

UTA freshman moved into the dorms on August 24th, and we walked on campus that day not knowing who we would meet or what to expect, other than God was going to do awesome things. We had prayed and prayed for this day, because of how important this time of year is for meeting students and how open minded they are to starting something new. Some students are lonely, scared, excited, nervous, etc. We wanted to be there for anyone who needed a hand moving in or to feel welcomed to the campus. It was an AWESOME day! The number of people we met and were able to serve is endless. We got people's phone numbers to invite them to our events and other campus events, and most of all to get to know them better. One really great God moment was when I met a counselor from the UTA counseling center and got to talk to her about how God called us here to Arlington. She then shared how she is apart of church planting in the Ft. Worth area and loves the Lord. This was really neat, because one of our campus pastors prayed the DAY before for someone to lead students to Christ in the counseling center on campus. What an answered prayer and a great connection to have for our community!

Our first official FOCUS event! Board game night in the cafeteria!
Wow, this was a highlight of last week! We had been meeting people for three days straight and invited tons of students to join us for some fun in the cafeteria. We had about 50-60 students show up that night! How cool! It was a great time to get to know each other casually and to enjoy being silly together.

All Corefa Meeting
This last picture is from our All Corefa Meeting this past Saturday. I wanted to share this photo with all of you, so you can be in prayer for the people in this picture. Our small group leaders are called Core Facilitators (Corefas) and these are the students who are involved with Focus and impact those on campus the most. These are people from ages 18-23(ish) who have committed to leading students into a relationship with Christ at all of our campuses in the DFW area. Please pray for them to be obedient to the Holy Spirit as they are on campus for the next 9 months.

As always, thank you so much for taking time to read this blog. I really could go on and on with funny stories and God stories from this last week of meeting the students at UTA. One thing I like to remember often is how much God LOVES all of these students, and how important it is that I see them how God does. We are going to start meeting in our big group for FOCUS this week and our small groups start next week, as well as our one-on-one bible studies. Please pray for those things to be full of Christ. Let me know how I can partner with you in prayer as well!


Here are a few more photos for your enjoyment!
First day of school at UTA!

Games at a Target event for UTA students!

Myself with new friends waiting to get into the Target event!
Pie Five with new students we had just met that day during move-in!
Kaylee and I during freshman move-in! Kaylee is one of our student leaders and I had the privilege to study the bible with her two years ago!


  1. I just love hearing all the amazing stories coming out of UTA! God has really been preparing that campus for our presence there. I am praying that many students would be transformed by the Spirit's work there.

    I also love how many international students y'all are meeting at UTA! Keep loving on them and showing them Jesus, and one day he'll be sending his messengers out to the ends of the earth.

    Love you April!